Solving Airline’s Operational Dilemmas in a volatile world

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The COVID-19 crisis quickly brought the airline industry to a virtual standstill, as steep drops in demand forced unprecedented capacity adjustments. For an extended period, travel demand will be lower than pre-crisis levels, and travel patterns are likely to be very different. Amidst the high levels of uncertainty and volatility, airlines need to make trade-offs that affect flights, passengers, crew, ground staff, while optimizing asset utilization and profitability for economic recovery. How do they plan & execute a dynamic schedule based on volatile demand? How do they predict, in real time, the impact of each decision on the rest of the system? How does management know they are making the best choices?

Today’s answer is, they don’t. Thanks to such constraints as deficient data, organizational silos, lack of transparency, and sheer complexity, they are flying at least partially blind.

Until now.