Established and growing suite of products

We offer an established and growing suite of products across airline planning horizons, meeting airline demand for speed, flexibility, and fully customized in-house solutions as part of a full digital transformation, with the end user always in the driving seat. Our suite of tools covers the three planning cycles of strategic planning, setting up for robustness and optimal execution on the day of operations (DoO).

12–6 months before Day of Ops:

Requires taking an integral and de-averaged planning approach to allocate resources, strategically scheduling for optimized revenue, on-time performance, and costs.

Examples: schedule/fleet buffers, fully integral resource planning, optimized tradeoff between commercial and operational needs

3 months until day before Day of Ops:

Requires combining multiple sources of information and constraints, with ability to rapidly analyze situations.

Examples: risk-based tail allocation, swap tail or crew assignments, proactively cancel a flight (or multiple flights)

Day of Operations:

Requires combining multiple sources of information and constraints in real-time for minor and major disruptions.

Examples: delay vs leave vs cancel, gate/ crew/ tail swaps, wait/ no-wait for frontline staff, call reserves, allocate ground resources based on priority flights/ turns