A few years ago, executives at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, data scientists and software engineers at BCG Gamma, and airline experts at BCG were sent out to build a suite of tools that would solve the airline operations dilemma. This one-of-a-kind partnership designed not only the technology, but also the management approach that enables management in frontline staff to get a full view — in real time — of the impact of every operations decision, and propose a solution. As a result, KLM is well on its way to achieving the target 25% reduction in non-performance costs. And the staff of its Operations Control Center, as well as of the supporting functions, are performing with new levels of engagement, confidence, and satisfaction in a job done as well as it can be done - every day. We are making these tools and our approach available to airlines worldwide. The COO of a major global airline, now a client, toured the KLM operations control center and said: “We have talked about this for years, but you just rolled up your sleeves and did it.”

  • René de Groot, KLM
  • Sander Stomph, KLM
  • Dirk-Maarten Molenaar, BCG
  • Olivier Bouffault, BCG

Central Team

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